The Hunger Games
After the tragedy - Alexis, District Three

Alexis stared at the remains of the Training Center, still not really believing what happened. Four. Only four tributes were alive and the Games didn’t even start yet. What will happen now? Will reapings be redone? But with Training Center ruined, where would they train? So would the remaining four go back home? Will the Games be annulled until the next year? So many questions and still no answer. But anyway… Alexis felt like she was given her life back.

And this was all that mattered for now.

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The Tragedy:

It was the day of the interview with the great Caesar Flickerman, the tribute parade score were already transmitted to the whole Panem. Each tribute was again with their stylists preparing to the interview. 

Minutes before the interview start the whole building started to shake and starting with the underground training center, everything started to fall apart. Few people escaped from the building before everything was destroyed  between this group were the game makers, Caesar, and 4 tributes.

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Training Scores

District 2

Torrel Wolf: 11.5

District 3

Alexis Fieldstealth: 8.5

District 6

Anouk Heatherton: 10

District 10

Amelie Rose: 12

The private training scores will be posted in a few minutes
The private training scores will be posted today
when will the private training scores be posted?

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So, my lovely tributes, these are ALL the public trainings that I have received. The Sponsor points will be posted soon and I hope we get more tasks next time because if we don’t, I’m seriously thinking of closing this game. Sorry
Public Training District 10

Amelie Rose:

I entered the training room. I expected everyone to be talking and making alliances, but everyone was quietly doing their own thing. And that was exactly what I was going to do. 

This training sessions are vital so, I will completely focus on this and absolutely nothing else. Absorbing every single bit of knowledge that, my survival on the arena will finally depend on.

I figured I should reinforce my weaknesses first. And go straight so some survival skills. 

Being from district 10 I have some knowledge about plants, although animals are my ultimate specialty, but of course : Plant Identifying is also extremely important. 

I was specially attentive during this lessons why? Because your memory is the only thing that counts when trying to differentiate which plant is poisonous or which can save you from dying of hunger. Luckily the class was very didactic. They showed us the species of plants and a book with gorgeous pictures of them that make them easy to remember. I have a very graphic memory . I spent some time repeating in my head what I could use them for. 

Now, I went to weapons, all kinds axes, knives, swords, tridents. I thought axes and tridents were too brutal. I imagined all the blood and suffering it will cause to kill with them.

In that moment, after realizing that I promised myself something:

Yes, I will kill. But I will not make my enemies suffer. It will have to be a quick death. So in the knives and swords station I concentrate on learning which places to cut, rather to the actual technique of doing it. Which surprisingly I learned very fast.

I went immediately to Small weapon handling, where my weapons will be knives, daggers. Small, sharp and it could cause a suffering-less death if used with precision. 

Anatomy is not my favorite thing in the world but, I payed close attention. At the end, knowing or not, about some things I learned today will make the difference between life and death There were so many things to learn and it was a perfect ending for the abilities I had been developing today.
I found it perfect having the plant identifying lessons first because while being in first aid ,I could immediately think of a plant that could replace those medicines ans drugs they were teaching us with ; because we will not have them (clearly). 

I tried my hardest to learn the human body the right way. So I could accomplish this with high success. Besides, my trainer was extremely nice with me. He was amazed with my interest on learning.

I tried really hard to learn this unfamiliar skill for me. 
But most important, not just KILL.

Public Training District 6

Anouk Heatherton:

Anouk walked into the training area. The sheer bluntness of the fact that people trained here to take the lives of other human beings left her staggering. Left and right, weapons gleamed, an expressionless trainer standing nearby. In a corner further left, camoflage and foraging trainers stood.

She pondered briefly for a moment, how the Careers must feel. It must seem like another day of their lives for them, being buttered up for the Games. The little voice inside of her told her to win like a Career, she had to think like a career.

But, being from District 6, she did not walk straight over to the swords and maces, she headed over to the food identification station. For about 2 hours she learned about berries, and wood bark, and animals that were easy to hunt. She then proceeded to the snare tying station for about 3 hours. She found she was transfixed at how the tables could be turned between the strong and weak when a rope was involved.

After leaving that station, she noticed that the careers were beginning to notice her inactivity. They were slowly moving from the gauntlet/ropes course area nearer to the swords. Anouk realized that she would have to make her skills known to them fast, or risk being targeted, or worse, written off entirely.

It struck Anouk as odd that the district one girl was on her own, in a corner. While the rest of her career pack was busy hooting and hollering at a lesser-district boy, she had said goodbye to them and moved toward a fire making station. Rarity, her name was. This was Anouk’s chance to perhaps attract a powerful ally. She also recognized that the District One’s heart was not entirely in the games. As she glanced back at the others, her jaw clenched, and her eyes met Anouk’s. Anouk could’ve sworn that there was a mutual understanding between them as the girl nodded. There were no need for words. She had made a friend.

She cranked up the charm as she moved nearer to the gauntlet and ropes course area. Her charisma grabbed the attention of two stronger male tributes. Their eyes clouded with disinterest, though, as she moved closer to the ropes course, perhaps by the pedestrian concept of the thin girl going towards the climbing.

Without a moment of hesitation, Anouk approached the gauntlet. A curt nod to the trainers, and she jumped, quickly from platform to platform. Inside, she was screaming, but something compelled her to continue forward, even using a stray fist to knock a padded club from the hands of a stupefied trainer. She landed softly on the finishing platform, and quietly made her way to the swimming area, where she would spend the rest of her time. She hoped she’d made an impression on her peers.