The Hunger Games

Hunger Games Role Play!

Welcome,Welcome. The time has come to select one courageous man and women for the honer of representing his or her district in the 23rd Annual Hunger Games. All you have to to is Apply for reaping HERE, all you will need is the following:

Top three district choices:
Actor/actress that your tribute looks like or picture url:
Family and background:
Reaction to reaping:
Facts about me (skills, best weapon,weakness(you must have one), and others-> you can add what ever you want to this part of the application): 

make sure to be complete and detailed, this will make your HGM very happy!

And may the odds be ever in you favor!


Apply for the 23rd Annual Hunger Games! You could just be the victor!
What if Katniss didn’t killed President Coin? Would the Hunger Games really continue?…


"In these games the only people playing are from the capitol. After the rebellion, President Coin from District 13 took over the Capitol and began a new hunger games! But this time its the Capitol children who will compete for their lives. Its time for the districts to be entertained. Get ready to see the Mark of the Rebellion!"
Apply for reaping NOW! 

Guys, i’m so excited for this HG begin that the arena is ready to receive tributes, and I’m drawing the clothes for the tribute parade!!! The only thing that is missing is more 13 tributes!
I’m not the only one who needs tributes guys!!!! Apply for reping NOW!!

Hey guys you should check out this because i say so :P
and remember that i still need tributesss!!!!

                                                     - Head Gamemaker

Reapings are open!!! Apply for reaping HERE:
For the guys that see my posts and don’t apply for reaping:
Reaping NOW!