The Hunger Games
The reaping will be posted after tumblr comes back ;)

we wish you all the best luck


Because I know how hard it is to get tributes I thought I’d help other RPs to get some too.

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Just 7 places LEFT!!!! please apply for reaping HERE and become a tribute!!!

Just 8 more to get started!!!!

Apply for reaping HERE and participate on 23rd Annual Hunger Games!! this are the districts that are still available (preferentially male tributes):

District 2

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 9

District 10

District 12

That are you waiting for? they all have approved…



What if Katniss didn’t killed President Coin? Would the Hunger Games really continue?…


"In these games the only people playing are from the capitol. After the rebellion, President Coin from District 13 took over the Capitol and began a new hunger games! But this time its the Capitol children who will compete for their lives. Its time for the districts to be entertained. Get ready to see the Mark of the Rebellion!"
Apply for reaping NOW! 

Reapings are open!!! Apply for reaping HERE:


This a hunger games roleplay is a game where people apply for reapings and become tributes in the games. They write tasks that are set and submit posts. I choose who lives and dies based on how well they respond to tasks. If there’s gonna be a fight between your tribute and another or against a mut, i’ll send a ask to your tumblr asking for you to write how the fight was, but you can’t kill the tribute that attacked you, you can only runaway or die, when you send me the “fighting task” i’ll finally diside if you die or survive, when i ask you to write the “fighting task” you’ll have 2 days to send me, if you don’t, i’ll decide for you, and you may not like.

You have to get people to like you


Please, current tributes, don’t forget that going to the tribute chat will increase your chances to survive in the arena!

if you aren’t a tribute yet, apply for reaping HERE.