The Hunger Games
Due to the tasks that i didn’t received the task due date was extended to nov. 28, Wednesday!

the tributes that send it in time will get a extra sponsor point

         -HGM Carol


Can you survive the hunger games? Come and find out! Test your wits and fighting skills in an arena that you will never forget! Multiple spots still available just go to the Tributes page and see which district is available!

Submit your tribute application here!! 16 spots still available…


Because I know how hard it is to get tributes I thought I’d help other RPs to get some too.

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The reaping will be posted until Sunday!

but applications are still excepted ;)

I`m not the only one who needs tributes!!!

HGM_Harry from the-wizarding-games still needes 6 more applications before the games begin!!

I have already participate on his rp, the HGM is lovely and the game is GREAT! Come and join us!! Apply for Reaping HERE

This are the available spots:

Gryffindor: 2

Slytherin: 0



This are the districts that are still available (preferentially male tributes):

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 9

District 10

District 12

Just 8 more to get started!!!!

Apply for reaping HERE and participate on 23rd Annual Hunger Games!! this are the districts that are still available (preferentially male tributes):

District 2

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 9

District 10

District 12

Just need more 10 tributes!!!! Apply for Reaping for the 23rd Annual Hunger Games!!
Some people are confused about what i`ll task be like and how should a submission be like… so, here is a example of a task and my submission of HGrp with Harry Potter twist that i`m participating:

Task 6- Day 2

“Hogsmeade looked like a Christmas card; the little thatched cottages and shops were all covered in a layer of crisp snow; there were holly wreaths on the doors and strings of enchanted candles hanging in the trees.”

Hogsmeade has changed a lot in the last year. It is now a derelict place, falling to pieces. The residents have long since moved out leaving the once beautiful village in ruins.

After the travel via the the floo network you found that it was just turning midnight. You all arrived in different places.

The shrieking shack (across a large snowy field from the village):

  • Elin
  • Lucas
  • Sarah
  • Laelia

 The hogs head (on the outskirts of the main village):

  • Myles
  • Athena
  • Cassandra
  • Zella

The three broomsticks (on the high street):

  • Lauren
  • Henri
  • Ratu
  • Fernanda

Hogsmeade station (between the village and hogwarts):

  • Charlotte
  • Jay
  • Alana
  • Connor
  • Ashley

The arena includes the whole village, with the station, the shrieking shack and the distant mountains all on the very edge near the forcefield containing you all. ALL SECRET PASSAGEWAYS TO HOGWARTS HAVE BEEN BLOCKED (honeydukes and through the shrieking shack.) And there is good news! Your wands are now available for purchase from the sponsor shop for a reasonable price of 6 sponsor points!

Your task is to write the day’s events starting with the arrival at your destination. Tell me what you do in 3rd person past tense. The killing curse is forbidden and disapparation is impossible. Some of you may forget that food and water is essential, and seeing as none of you yet have your wands, this day could prove very difficult indeed.

This task is due Wednesday 4 July 8PM BST (12PM US Pacific, 2PM EST, 7AM 5 July GMT+12)

Please ask if you have any questions.

My submit:

Task 6 - Day 2/Athena White/ Gryffindor

Suddenly, Athena was on a small, very dirty, and dingy room that has bay windows that are so encrusted with filth that you can barely see through them, but with the little amount of light that was passing though that dirty windows, Athena could tell that it was just turning to midnight… the room was very dark. She could hear whisperings and still with high amount of adrenaline she asked “who is there?” it was obviously a stupid question because anyone who was in that room with her could kill her at any moment, “Athena, is that you?” asked a mysterious voice, Athen really didn’t know what to answer, “Yeah… who is that?” “Here is Cassandra and Zella from Ravenclaw” oh thanks god Athena thought, some hours before the bloodbath she was able to meet Myles and he luckily told her about their allies. Athena began to rummage through your bag, “what your doing?” another voice asked, Zella’s voice, “I’m looking for something that may help us light up this room or something like that” then Zella and Cassy started to rummage their bags to, “nothing here” said Cassy, “neither here”, then Athena’s finger touched something that looked like a lighter, but when Athen pushed down a “button” and suddenly the room was bright, the lighter as a “put-outer”. Athena looked around and realized something “Where is Myles?” she asked in a distressed tone, before Zella and Cass could answer her green flames appeared behind Athena, she quickly turned around and saw Myles coming out of the fireplace, Athena threw herself into Myles hugging him strongly, “Thanks god you’re ok, I was starting to get worried” Athena whispered “I would never leave you alone like that, I had to be ok.” Myles replies as he pulls Athena closer and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Athena let Myles go and the two remained hand in hand “Were we are?” Myles asked “I’m not sure but I guess we are at-” “Hog’s Head” Zella completed Athena’s sentence. They passed through the door was forced open that leaded to a bar that was now abandoned. It was filled with rough wooden tables, some broken, some scratched, the stone floor of the place was so dirty that it looked as though there was not floor at all every step raised a regular amount of dust. “Where are the other tributes?” Cass finally asked, “I’ll check, I’ll be back in a minute” Athena answered and gave a quick kiss on Myles precluding him to argue, suddenly Athena large swan-sized scarlet bird with red and gold plumage, along with a golden beak and talons, black eyes, and a tail as long as a peacock’s,  Thena flew through the door that leads to the village of Hogsmeade, as she flew she saw that the old Hogsmeade that looked like a Christmas card now was a derelict place, falling to pieces. She was not flying very high, sometimes stopping in some windows to look for the other tributes, after 30 minutes she returned to Hog’s head always looking back to know for certain that nobody was following her. When she arrived at the door, before landing, she returned to her original form and went to Myles’ side holding his hand. She told her allies how Hogsmeade looked like now and that she found some tributes at the shrieking shack and some at the station, then Zella started walking to the door’s direction, “Where are you going?” Athena asked, but Zella was already returning to the ruined bar “Guys, I have some good news…” she held 4 parachutes on her hand, each one with a wand… “Thanks god, I was starting to get worried of how we were going to survive here” said Cass each one got their wand. Athena went behind shed of the bar to see if she was lucky to find some glass that wasn’t broken, with a bit of patience, she found 4 glasses, Athena got her wand and pointed to the four glasses and whispered “Aguamenti” suddenly the four glasses were full of water, she put her wand inside her boot and distributed the glasses, that night they slept in the room of Hog’s Head with the help of the Cushioning Charm the place became more comfortable.

this example is from hunger games role play with HARRY POTTER TWIST. on thewholepanemwillbewatching will not have spells and charms etc, it will be like the books. if you still have doubts about this or anything else just ask and i`ll be happy to help you:) HGM_ Carol